When God Invades Music

Music is such a powerful means of communication in our day. More than ever before people are connected to so many sounds that are being produced in the earth. God is the Originator of sound as in the …

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Every Knee Will Bow

This song came a few months ago as we were just having some family worship time in our living room. It is simple but powerful. Every knee will bow before Jesus Christ as He is Lord of all. …

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Soaking Music

Devotional Times with God Soaking Music can be so useful in your devotional times with God. Each of us need to find a way to silence the noise and get refreshed, rested and made alive to God’s Presence. Soaking music …

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The Sound of Heaven

Did you know that you can capture sounds from the domain of heaven? The world has a sound and heaven has it’s own sound. The sound of heaven carries with it life-transformation essence. With Jesus as the Conductor …

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Musical Melodies

Let your heart connect to the melodies of heaven! It’s life-changing when you discover the sounds that flow from heaven to earth – that earth being you personally as you are connected to God’s Spirit.

Holy One of Israel

Hi Friends! Just wanted to give you a heads up on this new release that is coming out April 22nd! The song is called “Holy One of Israel”. This is one I actually wrote some time ago but …

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