What is Soaking?

Soaking is an expressive term used to describe a spiritual, emotional and physical position that we place ourselves in to receive from the Lord by spending time in His Presence. It is a way that we can calm our souls from the business of life and allow the Lord to soften our hearts with His Love. … Read more

Types of Soaking Music

There are basically two types of soaking music, worship and instrumental.  Soaking music is really about receiving and being saturated with God’s Presence.  When we worship we are receiving from the Lord, but there is a place where we are simply receiving in a rested place.  In this place God is doing the work as … Read more

The Purpose of Soaking Music

What is the Purpose of Soaking Music The question is asked, “What is the Purpose of Soaking Music?”   There are all kinds of music out there, but soaking music has defined itself in it’s own category.  With the number of people desiring to have a living experience with God growing exponentially, the purpose of … Read more

Keys to Soaking in God's Presence

Here are some keys to soaking in God’s Presence.  One of the best things to remember when attempting to soak in God’s Presence is to not make it feel like work.  Saying that, it is true that when it comes to slowing down. Especially is you are a very “busy” type of person, this can … Read more