When God Invades Music

Music is such a powerful means of communication in our day. More than ever before people are connected to so many sounds that are being produced in the earth. God is the Originator of sound as in the beginning He spoke “Let there me Light”. Not to confuse His voice with the basic human voice. … Read more

The Sound of Heaven

Did you know that you can capture sounds from the domain of heaven? The world has a sound and heaven has it’s own sound. The sound of heaven carries with it life-transformation essence. With Jesus as the Conductor of Heaven He weaves the tapestry of a sound that can bring healing, life from the dead … Read more

Musical Melodies

Let your heart connect to the melodies of heaven! It’s life-changing when you discover the sounds that flow from heaven to earth – that earth being you personally as you are connected to God’s Spirit.

Soaking Music Testimonies

Deep River is Outstanding!by Amber ButleronPerfect melody to my heart. Thank you for your contribution to our world. Happy New Year Special!There is no better place to be than in the Presence of God!  Learn how to experience God’s Presence everyday with John’s recent book “The Secret to Experiencing God’s Presence”, the new “Falling Waters” worship album … Read more

Accessing God’s Glory Through Worship

The glory of God is the most powerful substance available to the believer. It is the very force of heaven, the gravity of God. Some time back I had a dream where I was in a church service and the glory fell in the place and knocked everyone to the ground. Then I heard the … Read more

When God Says Go!

It is easy to trust the Lord when everything is predictable and all is under your control.  The real test comes when you don?t understand everything that is going on.  The fact is that God does not let us know everything.  He is the only one who knows it all otherwise He wouldn?t be God. … Read more