christian prayer music

John Belt

Christian prayer music is a great way to supplement your devotional times with God. ?There is nothing that shifts your thinking like music. ?How much more when it is anointed music that comes from a heart of worship. ?We are made to be very sensory motivated people. ?Whether it is sound, something visual or the smell that comes from something that is fantastically baked in the kitchen – we are moved by our physical senses.
When we incorporated music into our times with God it just helps bring our thinking along to connect with God. ?Our spirit within us longs for God all the time. ?If we are born again of the Holy Spirit then our spirit has been awakened to God. ?With our spirit already awakened within us we need to bring our mind along and christian soaking music helps to do just that. ?(what is soaking?) When we use soaking music with the Word of God, prayer and heart of worship into the mix then we will experience God’s Presence like never before!
Some of the best christian prayer music instrumental. ?Why instrumental? ?There are no words. ?With this you can create your own tapestry each day just using the music as a back drop. ?For instance you can read the Word on top of it, you can pray on top of it, you can sing on top of the music. ?Your experience can be different every time because you are at the helm rather than words telling you where to go – as it would be with a worship song. ?Worship songs definitely have their place. ?For prayer it us seems to be best to use instrumental because you are not having words take you a certain direction. ?Christian prayer music really does help.

Christian Prayer Music


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