instrumental music in worship

John Belt

Instrumental music in worship can be a great way to give some space and feel into a live worship experience. ?People don’t always have to be singing. ?It is good to get into an instrumental flow during worship times. ?It is a great opportunity for people to just rest in the sound of music.? One of the keys that can really add dimension in live worship is to make some space for instrumental music in worship. If you have a keyboardist they can play on top of the sound produced by the other instruments in the music. ?Likewise, a lead guitar can add a nice edgy tone. ?Then you can have a violinist that can play the sweet extended notes that make for a nice orchestration. ?Use your imagination. ?There are lots of ways to incorporate instrumental music in worship.
People like to just have instruments playing every once in a while. ?Don’t always feel obligated to sing. ?You can also just use the sounds of a voice without the words to create another effect in the music. ?The idea of rest is always good. ?Sometimes a team works too hard to make something happen. ?It goes with the idea of “letting go”. ?Every once in a while just let go of feeling like someone has to produce something and allow for some softer emptier space. ?Let someone play solo. ?That can create such a feel in the worship experience.
Somehow people can get into the idea that everyone has to be playing at the same time. ?Drop some people out on certain parts, then put others in at different times. ?Instrumental music in worship can really work well in worship settings. ?Remember worship is all about bringing people into a living connection with the Lord. ?Lead people to direct their thoughts toward Him during worship.

Instrumental Music In Worship

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