Instrumental Soaking Music

John Belt

Instrumental soaking music is excellent for your times in the secret place with God.  There is something about anointed sound that will help you enter into the Presence of God.  It is great to integrate instrumental music in worship as well.  When the Holy Spirit breathes on music it helps take you into an experience with God.  We can ride on the wings of sound right into the Throne Room of God.

King David knew the power of anointed sound.  Saul would be relieved from distressing spirits when David played his harp.  There were no words, just the anointed sound of heaven coming from his harp.  Sometimes people feel they must have words, but this is not true.  What is important is that God inhabits us by His Spirit.  Because of this indwelling of His Spirit everything that flows out of us can be anointed by Him.  Jesus put mud in the eyes of the blind man.  This was the means that He used to bring healing to the man’s eyes.  He did not command them to be opened.  It was the substance of heaven inside the mud that made the man see!

This is the power that is available to us as vessels inhabited by the Presence of God.  When God invades our personal worlds we need to take notice, give Him thanks and rejoice!  There is nothing better in this world than to know that God is working in you and through you blessing the lives of others.  Instrumental soaking music that is anointed of the Holy Spirit is inhabited with the power of heaven.  Incorporate christian soaking music into your times with God and enjoy His Presence in a fresh way.

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Soaking in the Presence of God

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