MP3s to ITunes

John Belt

1. For ITunes

1. Download albums to your computer. 
2. Drag the audio for the different albums into ITunes and it should create the albums with cover art and etc.
3. Create Playlists in ITunes for each album if needed. (but probably won/t be needed)
4. You will hook up your phone to the computer and select phone icon in ITunes for your phone, select music, then select the albums you want transferred to your phone. Then HIT SYNC Button at bottom right-hand corner.

2. No Breaks in Music

ITunes should be set for that – most of my albums are non-stop but not all. Sometimes ITunes can have a setting that makes a pause between songs but probably not. You can check in ITunes “Preferences” to see then edit if needed.

3. In the Car

If you have a BLUETOOTH setting in your vehicle’s radio (typically does when you have a visual screen set-up) then enable bluetooth in settings on your phone as well.  Your radio then should automatically detect the Bluetooth on your phone. Then you should be able to open the audio player in your phone and listen in your car. 

Otherwise you can hook up with a USB cable to your phone from your vehicle that will connect to your vehicle radio.  One of these should work.
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