Early on I experimented with a wide variety of contemporary, rock and pop musical styles – with maybe a few in between. I was not raised in church although being exposed to it from time to time in different forms growing up. With that my musical influences growing up were the kind of stuff you would hear on the radio – ranging from “Rhinestone Cowboy” to “Rock n Roll”. At age 19 I came to the Lord. At this point my heart devotion changed and along with that the music I listened to. It wasn’t till years later that I being to record music. By that time I had developed an appreciation for intimate worship that helped me to experience God’s Presence. Because of the numerous encounters that I had with the Lord through simple worship I began to step out to create some music of my own.

The first album I officially released was “The Soaking Presence Instrumental”. Then it went on to become a series of five albums. Since that time I’ve produced a variety of instrumental albums of different styles with the same goal of helping others connect with God both individually and in corporate gatherings.

Within the mix of creating instrumental albums I created worship albums as well – that is songs “with words”. Some were captured in the studio from a planned angle, then others more spontaneous and then others we recording in the live setting of conferences. I continue to write songs, record music in both worship and instrumental projects.

Recently I’ve been on the track of going back to some of my roots in simple worship songs. With that I’m working on intimate songs of worship that I’ve written – some very recently then others quite some time ago. Over time I’ve experienced God pouring out new songs and sounds in different seasons. I’m looking forward to this next wave of worship to be released in the new season!