There is nothing more satisfying in this world than to live a life where you experience the Presence of God daily. Let me share a little of my testimony with you.

When I first came to the Lord at age 19 I experienced God’s Presence and power in such a significant way that people who knew me no longer recognized me! I had people walk up to me in the middle of the college campus that I was attending saying, “I remember you before and I’ve never seen anyone as radically changed as you.”

To go a little deeper into that story – I went to college and was kicked out because I was too busy playing my electric guitar where my study books were supposed to be! After that I was so broken that God got a hold of me. An old party friend that I used to hang out with called me and asked if I’d like to come to a Friday night Bible study. I had nothing to lose so I said yes. 

During this time I give my life totally to Jesus and was filled with His Holy Spirit. I discovered the Presence of God for my life! At this point I just began to hang out with God with worship music as I would spend time in prayer – nothing formal but laying on my bed and enjoying God’s Presence. 

A little later I re-applied to the university that kicked me out. Having to actually meet with the Deans of the campus, I shared my testimony of how I gave my heart to God. They were so moved by it they let me back in. It was a Baptist University where I went from being known as the desperate case to being identified as the Charismatic on campus! One friend would kid with me saying I ought to have a band called, “John the Baptist and the converted Pharisees”! 

I had been totally changed. Did I have everything figured out? No. Did I still need more transformation? Yes. Was I on the right track? Most definitely.  I had discovered what mattered most. It was not religion. It was not 7 steps to success. It was not self-improvement. It was the PRESENCE OF GOD! 

The Presence of God is the only thing that can truly transform a life. Great bible teaching, as much as I think it is essential, can’t do it on it’s own. You have to know the Author of the Book. I had found the Author. His Name is Jesus Christ. Not only that. I took His advise. 

Jesus said, “I will send you a Helper- the Holy Spirit.” Have you ever needed help? Of course. We all have and still do. That is where the Holy Spirit, even Christ in you, comes to help us. Having the Presence of the Spirit in your life makes all the difference.

Soaking in the Presence of God

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