OGM 105: Welcoming the Holy Spirit Podcast

John Belt

In this podcast learn to actively welcome the Holy Spirit in your life! ?Jesus lived as a man completely dependent on the Holy Spirit as the Son of God. ?We too are sons of God living that same live of dependency upon the Presence and power of the Spirit.
Items Mentioned in this Podcast:??Welcoming the Holy Spirit, Dependency on God, One Thing, sons of God, Presence of God, argument vs. encounter,?living by faith, seeking God first
In this particlar episode,?you will learn:

  • How to welcome?the Holy Spirit with an intentional pursuit
  • That Jesus walked in dependency on the Holy Spirit
  • That there is a place where you can live in the tangible Presence of God
  • Where the “One Thing” of taking time with Jesus has eternal value


Welcoming the Holy Spirit | Video

Soaking in the Presence of God

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