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Absolute Peace Instrumental by John Belt was birthed in a place of wanting peaceful anointed music for our new baby Nethaniel. We were playing the instrumental in the delivery room the entire time. Nurses kept coming in and out asking about where the music came from. I would have told them heaven! But the atmosphere was thick with the peace of God during the entire time there. Needless to say, this is a “baby friendly” instrumental but is created for all to soak in the peace of God that passes all understanding.

  • Over 1 Hour of non-stop backdrop?music (without breaks) for prayer and worship
  • Use to Create Atmosphere for God?s Presence at Home or on the Road
  • Find Refreshing, Rest and Peace to Quiet the Noise of the Soul
  • Learn Sensitivity to the Presence of God by Association of Sound and Prayer
  • Flowing Anointed Melodies
  • Spontaneous Orchestrations
  • Holy Spirit Inspired

Absolute Relaxing music!!
By Gracie Kinchenon
Love it!!! Just Relax music!!

Keep it up!
By Amber Butleron
Another wise pick added to my collection. My clients love his music. Thank you!

Five Stars
By Littleon
Wonderful peaceful music.

By Cherie Kessler
It helps one concentrate on the Lord. It is very Spirit filled. Talented artists, as other stuff I bought. I would recommend to anybody.

Great for Meditation
By R. B. Waters
Great background music while reading scripture and resting in Father’s presence! Very soothing, relaxing and quieting from a busy and hectic lifestyle.

Five Stars
By Victorious
Beautiful and very peaceful!