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Get All 27 Instrumental Albums in This Bundle!

  1. Jesus: King of Heaven’s Realm Soaking Instrumental
  2. Atmospheric River Instrumental
  3. Momentum Instrumental
  4. Deep River Instrumental
  5. Healing Waters Instrumental
  6. Absolute Peace Instrumental
  7. Open Sky Instrumental
  8. The Oil of Heaven Instrumental
  9. Glory Instrumental
  10. Heavenly Essence Instrumental
  11. Ruah Instrumental
  12. Waves Instrumental
  13. The Soaking Presence Instrumental Volume 1
  14. The Portals of Heaven Instrumental: The Soaking Presence Volume II
  15. Another Realm Instrumental: The Soaking Presence Volume III
  16. Sacred Fire Instrumental: The Soaking Presence Volume IV
  17. Resuscitate Instrumental: The Soaking Presence Volume V
  18. Prophetic Warrior Instrumental
  19. Overcomers Instrumental
  20. The Eye of God Instrumental
  21. El Olam: Ancient Echoes Instrumental Volume One
  22. El Olam: Everlasting Light Instrumental Volume Two
  23. Prophetic Ocean Instrumental
  24. Flight of the Eagles Instrumental
  25. Mystic Glory Instrumental
  26. White As Snow Christmas Instrumental
  27. Baby Oil Instrumental
  28. Hidden Instrumental

Absolutely Fabulous!

Atmospheric River IS Absolutely Fabulous thank you for sharing your gifts with us!!! HALLELUJAH!

Denise Ann

Music Reviews

Get This Book! It Changes Everything!

Many books can be written about obeying God, but precious few are written about living in His presence in your daily experiences. That is because presence living can only be taught by those who are actually living it. Get this book! It changes everything!

Steve Shultz Founder and President, The Elijah List

Book Review for "The Secret to Experiencing God's Presence

Enjoy God’s Presence!

Wow, all I can say is Wow! this one touches my whole being. It is great to have music that you can just lay there and enjoy God’s presence. I know, because some music can?t take you all they way in and this one does for me, Just WOW.


Music Reviews

Takes Me Into Realms of the Kingdom of God

I love the tracks on this album. Takes me straight into the realms of the Kingdom of God that were not quire reachable without it. A must have if you want to go into deeper levels of prayer and warfare on behalf of the Kingdom of God!

Audrea V. Heard

Music Reviews

Walk with God

John Belt has written a great book that reminds me, convicts me
and encourages me to put first things first. Why? So that
I may prosper and succeed in every aspect of my walk with God. Thanks, John!

Barbara Yoder, Apostolic Leader

Book Review for "The Secret to Experiencing God's Presence

Used as Music Therapy for with Cognitive Issues

Beautiful, calming instrumental music by John Belt. Thanks.

P. Swims

Music Reviews

Love it!

This is my go to CD to soak in His presence!! Love it!

Jubliee Girl

Music Reviews

Five Stars

Wonderful worship 😊

Sweet Pea

Music Reviews

Flowing Rhythms

So pleased with this music! If you desire to unwind, this artist understands how to help create the atmosphere for it to happen.

Amber Butler

Music Reviews

Used in the Classroom

Our teacher took Portals of Heaven and played it in the class room for almost 4 hrs. She said her children began settling down and being quiet and calm. She said after that they begin drawing and they were drawing pictures of angels without any prompting as to what to draw.


Music Reviews

Atmosphere of Heaven

Now I have been able to truly find someone to whom I can listen and who transports me in the atmosphere of heaven.

Raul De Sevilla

Music Reviews

Beautiful Music!

I purchased this for our church – Prayer background music. It’s beautiful. I totally recommend it to anyone who wants to get quiet and centered with God!


Music Reviews


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