El Olam Ancient Echoes Instrumental by John Belt & Barbara Grimshaw




El Olam Ancient Echoes Instrumental. El Olam means “Eternal God”. El Olam Ancient Echos Instrumental was created spontaneously and is abundant with diversity in sounds, percussion, drums with Hebrew words spoken lightly underneath the music creating atmosphere. With Barbara Grimshaw on Native American flutes, other flutes, bells, chimes and lightly spoken Hebrew this makes for an experience that will sent your heart on course for a great adventure in the courts of the Lord. Open the Door and enter in to an experience in the Eternal King’s Realm where the fire never dies. Come to the streams of promise and wait until you encounter Him.

by Reviewer
Just wanted to let you know that the CD: El Olam has really brought on greater God encounters WOW! It’s like a WOOM of His Glory that surrounds me when I play the CD it’s real great listening. Thanks for releasing it.