Overcomers MP3

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Overcomers Instrumental by John Belt is the backdrop of music to the Overcomers ?To Him Who Overcomes!? Album that is a prophetic declaration to the modern day Church of Revelation. This project is different from anything John Belt has ever done and is also wonderful for soaking. This project is comprised of eight prophetic INSTRUMENTAL flowing rhythmic tracks. It has a great flow and is different from anything John Belt has ever done. This album is wonderful for soaking!

*Download to your computer & transfer to your smart phone.

  • Over 1 Hour of non-stop backdrop?music (without breaks) for prayer and worship
  • Use to Create Atmosphere for God?s Presence at Home or on the Road
  • Find Refreshing, Rest and Peace to Quiet the Noise of the Soul
  • Learn Sensitivity?to the Presence of God by Association of Sound and Prayer
  • Flowing Anointed Melodies
  • Spontaneous Orchestrations
  • Holy Spirit Inspired

by Janet
Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE the new Overcomers music!! I have both ? Instrumental & with voice. It is AWESOME!!!