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Prophetic Ocean Instrumental by John Belt & Rick Van Patten has an incredible combination of soaking and rhythmic flow with some aggressive warrior undertones some are overtones! But it is very diverse, unique and adventurous! This is a great CD for soaking or more aggressive intercession. Big drums, great soaking sounds and etc… There are oceanic wave sounds all through the CD that gives it that extra flowy feel! The “Island of Tongues” cut is a real drinker too! Here are a list of the tracks titles. By the way “Prophetic Ocean”, the title cut, really exemplifies in sound the cover of this CD “the Eagle riding the Wave”!

  • Over 1 Hour of non-stop backdrop music (without breaks) for prayer and worship
  • Use to Create Atmosphere for God’s Presence at Home or on the Road
  • Find Refreshing, Rest and Peace to Quiet the Noise of the Soul
  • Learn Sensitivity to the Presence of God by Association of Sound and Prayer
  • Flowing Anointed Melodies for Intercession and Soaking
  • Spontaneous Orchestrations
  • Holy Spirit Inspired

Truly Prophetic.
I didn’t get this cd on amazon but I wanted to review the product. This CD in transformational. I play it overnight and I feel the presence of G-d in the house. I now have more revelation in my dreams. some days I let it play for days! I am telling everyone about this CD and other John Belt CDs that I got at a meeting. I absolutely love it.

Awesome CD!
by Reviewer
This is one incredible soaking CD! The music is strong – very powerful. There is no pause between tracks making prayer time smooth and uninterrupted.

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