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Prophetic Ocean Instrumental by John Belt & Rick Van Patten has an incredible combination of soaking and rhythmic flow with some aggressive warrior undertones ? some are overtones! But it is very diverse, unique and adventurous! This is a great CD for soaking or more aggressive intercession. Big drums, great soaking sounds and etc . . . There are oceanic wave sounds all through the CD that gives it that extra flowy feel! The ?Island of Tongues? cut is a real drinker too! Here are a list of the tracks titles. By the way ?Prophetic Ocean?, the title cut, really exemplifies in sound the cover of this CD ? ?the Eagle riding the Wave!?

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  • Over 1 Hour of non-stop backdrop?music (without breaks) for prayer and worship
  • Use to Create Atmosphere for God?s Presence at Home or on the Road
  • Find Refreshing, Rest and Peace to Quiet the Noise of the Soul
  • Learn Sensitivity?to the Presence of God by Association of Sound and Prayer
  • Flowing Anointed Melodies for Intercession and Soaking
  • Spontaneous Orchestrations
  • Holy Spirit Inspired

Truly Prophetic.
I didn’t get this cd on amazon but I wanted to review the product. This CD in transformational. I play it overnight and I feel the presence of G-d in the house. I now have more revelation in my dreams. some days I let it play for days! I am telling everyone about this CD and other John Belt CDs that I got at a meeting. I absolutely love it.

Awesome CD!
by Reviewer
This is one incredible soaking CD! The music is strong – very powerful. There is no pause between tracks making prayer time smooth and uninterrupted.