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There is no better place to be than in the Presence of God!  Learn how to experience God’s Presence everyday with John’s recent book “The Secret to Experiencing God’s Presence”, the new “Falling Waters” worship album and “Hidden Soaking Instrumental” – one of his most popular instrumentals.

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  • “The Secret to Experiencing God’s Presence” Book
  • New “Falling Waters” Worship Album (CD)
  • Hidden Soaking Instrumental (CD)

The Secret to Experiencing God’s Presence by John Belt
Learn how to encounter God’s Presence consistently in your life! God has created us to experience His Presence on a daily basis as we have been created for this most intimate of relationships. He longs for it more than we do!

With wisdom and insights gained from years as a pastor and worship leader, John Belt has helped thousands of believers overcome seasons of spiritual dryness and encounter God’s presence every day–and he can help you do the same. Full of inspiring stories and practical tools, this book outlines simple steps to experiencing God personally, reveals potential roadblocks, and gives you the keys to overcoming them. Here is the secret to experiencing God’s presence and living victoriously and abundantly every single day.

  • be a dwelling place of God’s manifest presence
  • live inspired from the inside out
  • remove hindrances in your life with God
  • discover intimate life with God through communion with the Holy Spirit
  • be an atmosphere-changer and influencer in your sphere

Growing in intimacy with God is a foundational commitment of mine and has been since the moment I encountered His manifest presence. With biblical clarity and personal testimonies, John Belt reveals the building blocks of lifestyle intimacy. I believe The Secret to Experiencing God’s Presence is a powerful resource full of transformative revelation and practical applications for your journey to deeper connection with God.

Dr. Che Ahn

President and Founder
Harvest International Ministry
HRock Church, Pasadena, California
Wagner University, International Chancellor



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