Soaking H2O Live Saturation Worship MP3 Download


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Soaking h2o Live Saturation Sessions is powerful soaking worship and instrumental times that were captured in live venues. This is the first Soaking h2o to be released. Look for more of this type of album in the future! There is a great prophetic soaking mesh in this album that takes you into the Throne Room of God as you experience His manifested Presence!

“WOW, John! 
by Reviewer
This H2o soaking CD takes me right there. I believe the Lord wants me to sow this album into the leadership of my Church. This is one of the most anointed that I have listened to… I really like the rest of them but there is something special about this one!

Be Blessed & keep the flow coming!
by Reviewer
“John thanks so much for the Soaking h20 live saturation sessions cd!! I’m truly an open portal under a open heaven!”

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