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The Oil of Heaven Instrumental by John Belt is a prophetic non-stop flowing soaking instrumental project that came out of an amazing time in the Presence of God. There is no replacement for the spontaneity of the Spirit leading us with music to the Throne of God. The Oil of Heaven is about life, breathing again and becoming alive again to God and to the things of God in a fresh way. Only His Oil from Heaven can bring us back to life. Only His breath can quicken us. He is breathing life back into His Body. He is giving mouth to mouth resuscitation to the Body of Christ. This is deep intimacy with Him. It is that close connection with Him that enables His life-giving Spirit to be imparted into the depths of our being.

  • Over 1 Hour of non-stop backdrop music (without breaks) for prayer and worship
  • Use to Create Atmosphere for God’s Presence at Home or on the Road
  • Find Refreshing, Rest and Peace to Quiet the Noise of the Soul
  • Learn Sensitivity?to the Presence of God by Association of Sound and Prayer
  • Flowing Anointed Melodies
  • Spontaneous Orchestrations
  • Holy Spirit Inspired

Seek His Face
by Reviewer

The Oil of Heaven instrumental helps you to enter into prayer and seek His Face in worship. “Highly” recommend.

Sets the Atmosphere!
by Reviewer

Every Morning I listen to The Oil of Heaven & pray, your music sets the atmosphere for me to go behind the veil! Thank you so much son of GOD! Please continue to allow the Holy Spirit to guide you in releasing God’s anointing on His saints!

Wonderful Soaking Music
By Katherine Beakon
I love instrumental soaking worship music. John Belts music is Spirit filled and leads my heart and mind into deep worship.

Five Stars
By Littleon
Enjoyment of peace and relaxation as one listens to this CD.

Perfect music for a peaceful environment.
By Reviewer
The music from this artist has blessed my life!

Soothing , Peaceful Music
By Orange Orchidon
I was looking for another album to add to my evening’s time listening list . I am very happy with this choice.

Non-Stop Music
This non-stop instrumental helps to enter into prayer and seek His Face in worship. “Highly” recommend.