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The Portals of Heaven Instrumental: The Soaking Presence II by John Belt is second soaking music CD in a series of soaking instrumentals by John Belt. Come to the River of God and have a drink! Plenty of water, plenty of room to soak and swim in His Presence.


Thanks for your gifts!!
by Amber Butler
Once again, Mr. Belt brought enrichment to me through his music. An essential part of creating a peaceful atmosphere in my massage therapy practice. I recommend all his instrumental music to practitioners.

By Katrina H.
Love, love, love it!!!!

By Victorious
This is beautiful music!

All Kids Drew Angels
by Reviewer
Played  The Portals of Heaven Instrumental in my kids class that I teach. All of the kids drew angels!
A friend gave me the cd “The Portals of Heaven” and I love it! Each time I listen to it I am in His presence and so much revelation comes forth, prayer increases I cannot put it into words that would describe how awesome it is. I am blessed beyond measure, thanks so very much for this project!I have been listening to the “Soaking Volume II” almost daily in my quiet time……simply wonderful .

Drawing Angels
By Reviewer
A woman in Hawaii that is a teacher in the public schools teaches 1st grade and her students get a little unruly. She took Portals of Heaven and played it in the class room for almost 4 hrs. She said her children began settling down and being quiet and calm. She said after that they begin drawing and they were drawing pictures of angels without any prompting as to what to draw. The really amazing thing she said was the fact that her children are unbelievers and believers. Isn’t the LORD so awesome to touch them like that. I thought you might enjoy how the LORD is using the music that HE and you made.

Encounter with God
by Reviewer
The Portals of Heaven going on in my apt. As I was reading my bible and just worshiping late that night I had an encounter from the Lord. This vision would take to long to write out right now but it was about THE CALL. Also things He is doing in my life. I just wanted you to know how the Lord used your gift and calling to open the Heavens (PORTALS!!!) over my apt. You have a heart that is full of worship.