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The Wonder Worship Album by John Belt expresses the many faces of God. The title cut of the album is called The Wonder, a song that about Jesus being “The Wonder” and in the context of the wonder of His sacrificial love. Many aspects of God’s person and nature are represented in this album. God reveals Himself in many forms throughout scripture. He is seen as the “Great I AM”, the “Lamb of God”, the “Baptizer of the Holy Spirit”, the One who sings over us and many other pictures are seen. The approach on this worship album was different than anything John had ever done in regards to worship songs. The melodies were sung spontaneously with the keys and other instruments alone without words with the exception of one song. After laying down the melody and chords the lyrics were added afterwards. You will feel the Presence of God on this worship, the lyrics as well taking you into a greater connection with God’s heart.