Listen to Walking in the Reign to feel uplifted, energized and inspired by this fresh sound. You will find this music great for all kinds of uses including devotion, exercise, creating momentum in prayer and a great atmosphere for God’s Presence.  The tempos for the songs increase then decrease making it great music to walk or workout with.  It starts with slower tempo music then increases to a peak, then slows down toward the end of the album for rest!

Perfect Walking Music
By Texas Readeron 
Perfect to music to walk to. Used it when I was out of town for exercise. Great music.


Walking in the Reign is absolutely beautiful — Holy Spirit inspired instrumentals birthed in God’s Presence and infused with Christ’s power to rule and reign in you. Use this album for power prayer walks, soaking in His presence, or to just play in your home while you go about your day. Be drenched in His reign/rain.

Dr. Patricia King
Women on the Frontlines, Apostolic Leader

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