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Soaking Resources

You can find resources for Soaking in the Spirit on YouTube. Typically these are soaking music videos. The term “soaking in the Spirit” refers to believers being filled with the Holy Spirit as referred to in Ephesians 5 of the Bible.

soaking in the spirit youtube

Soaking in the Spirit is greatly beneficial as it is a way that we can engage in communion with God. Another way to term this is “practicing the Presence of God”. There is nothing more satisfying than to connect with our Creator. God created us to live in His Presence. Don’t settle for anything less.

God is good. Spend time soaking in the Holy Spirit everyday. As you do you will notice an increase in your peace, joy and love as the Holy Spirit pours this into your heart.

YouTube Videos

Here are some YouTube videos that you and spend time soaking in the Spirit with. Healing Water Instrumental is a non-stop instrumental that will help you spend quality time in prayer with the Lord. Here you can just turn it on and let it play as it creates a nice background for worship, prayer or study.

Hidden Soaking Instrumental is also an album with the same idea. An instrumental that goes for an hour or so works as a good time clock so that you can relax, rest, pray or study for that given amount of time. When the album is done then you can move on to whatever thing you have on your schedule.

The point of soaking music is to help you discover God in your prayer times. When God’s Spirit comes it is many times a very tangible experience. God desires us to know Him in the most powerful way.

A key to experiencing God is to learn how to surrender everything you are to Him. All the things that concern you need to be laid down at His feet. When you make Jesus Christ the Lord of your life, giving your life to Him, He will come and make His home inside your heart.

Soaking in the Presence of God

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