Soaking Worship Music

John Belt

What is soaking worship? Worship is all about Jesus. He is the One who is exalted, magnified and lifted up. With that we know that there are styles of worship. If I were to go to Africa, I know that it is not going to sound the same as what I’ve experienced here in America – at least as far as “style” is concerned. However, there is no doubt that the same spirit of worship hold the same common denominator between us all.

Throughout the world there are different approaches to how people worship the Lord. One of my favorites involves what seems to be the most intimate interaction between the Lord and His people. It is soaking worship. Soaking worship embodies the devotional life, the simplicity of knowing God and the quiet place of hearing His voice. Soaking worship is not loud, but rather soft with quiet invite into the inner chambers of His love.

God’s love can shake us to the core. If we can learn to get quiet enough, He can do such a work in our hearts. It is too easy to cover everything up with noise. This is exactly what the world does. They use noise to fix noise. More noise, activity and busyness seems to be the way most people cope in this world. ?Jesus told us that He have given us a peace that surpasses anything. His peace can calm any storm. ?Soaking music helps to usher in that peace of God. Scripture actually teaches us the it is the “peace of God” that crushes Satan under our feet.

When you find anointed soaking worship music it can really help you to enter in to the Presence of the Lord. The Holy Spirit anoints us when we discover that solitude with Him. Make every effort to connect your heart with the heart of God. Soaking worship can help you do just that.

Soaking Worship

Soaking in the Presence of God

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