Absolutely Fabulous!

Atmospheric River IS Absolutely Fabulous thank you for sharing your gifts with us!!! HALLELUJAH!

Denise Ann

I have not listened to your soaking music in a while and I have to tell you this was an absolutely wonderful experience! Some of the best music I’ve ever heard not just soaking.

Thank you 🙏 Keith & Mary

Thank you for your ministry!

I wanted to write and thank you and your family for the wonderful gift of your music. Entering the new year, I was aware that I needed to find some new music to listen to as I write. As soon as I heard your songs, I knew I had found it. I have thanked Jesus for you and your ministry many, many times as I have listened! It is such a gift to listen to music that is flowing from the heart of God, that carries His love and presence. Thank you so much for your ministry!


A Heart that is Full of Worship

The Portals of Heaven going on in my apt. As I was reading my bible and just worshiping late that night I had an encounter from the Lord. This vision would take to long to write out right now but it was about THE CALL. Also things He is doing in my life. I just wanted you to know how the Lord used your gift and calling to open the Heavens (PORTALS!!!) over my apt. You have a heart that is full of worship.


What a Blessing!

I received Everlasting Light today and I cant believe how rich it is!
As soon as I start playing it, I get all whacked up in the Spirit!
John Belt, I want to let you know what a blessing you are.


I Have Been Blessed

Thanks John for being a life poured out for His glory!! I have been blessed by your music!!


Prayer Journeys

Our prayer team has taken some of your music on our prayer journeys i love it


Wonderful Music

My Son just bought eight of your Albums(Mp3s) for me and I just cant get enough of them. Thanks for the wonderful music. Keep serving the Lord. -Another Realm, El Olam, El Olam Light, Healing Waters, Prophetic Warrior, Ruah Instrumental and Sacred Fire.


Love What You are Doing

I have been following you for quite sometime now and have a number of your CD’s. Love what you are doing. I am on the Worship Team at my church and have grown so much as I spend time in His presence. What an honor to serve in this manner. You are amazing, keep up the good work, you inspire me to reach higher in my walk with him.

Gail C.

Heavenly Substance!

John, I just stumbled over your music by chance on youtube. Wow!! Not sure what else to say but wow. Your music is much more than sound. It’s substance! Heavenly substance Bless you.


Highly Recommend!

I would highly recommend this for anyone who wants a calming, peaceful instrumental music to accompany their day.


Exceeded My Expectations

It helps one concentrate on the Lord. It is very Spirit filled. Talented artists, as other stuff I bought. I would recommend to anybody. Their Spirituality exceeded my expectations. John Belt is an awesome artist.


Deep Prayer and Meditation

Holy Ecstasy is a awesome album for just pushing play and getting lost in prayer and stepping into his presence. I use this a lot in deep prayer and meditation.


Atmosphere of Worship!

Holy Ecstasy is truly is what it’s title says that it is: “Holy Ecstasy”. It is awesome. I love to listen to it over and over in a meditative Spirit! The wonderful presence of God is felt in this atmosphere of worship and praise to our Holy God Almighty!!


Heavenly Music

We don’t need rehearsed music in our time with the Lord. We need heavenly music. I truly believe The Oil of Heaven is heaven sent and Holy Spirit birthed. It is some of the most intimate and anointed soaking music I have ever heard and really believe that it will help you access that secret place with the Lord. Sit back and let the Oil of Heaven settle upon you! 


Happy With This Choice

I was looking for another album to add to my evening?s time listening list . I tried “The Oil of Heaven“. I am very happy with this choice.


Seek His Face

The Oil of Heaven instrumental helps you to enter into prayer and seek His Face in worship. “Highly” recommend.


Sets the Atmosphere!

Every Morning I listen to The Oil of Heaven & pray, your music sets the atmosphere for me to go behind the veil! Thank you so much son of GOD! Please continue to allow the Holy Spirit to guide you in releasing God’s anointing on His saints! God bless & love u!


Beautiful & Anointed

Hi John, I just purchased two of your albums, Healing Waters Instrumental and Prophetic Warrior. Very beautiful and anointed!

Gail T.

Love Your Soaking Instrumental Music

Hello John, Im from Holland and love your soaking instrumental music. I’m saving money to buy a bundle mp3. God Blessings!


Create a Zone in Prayer

Just had to say i love your worship music, it helps to create a neutral zone for deep realms of prayer. Our prayer team has taken some of your music on our prayer journeys. i love it


The Absolute Best!

When I really want to worship yours is the music I play. Another Realm, or Eye of God. Your music is the absolute best!


The Sounds of Heaven

So excited to be buying my first soaking in His presence album sometimes music with words can be distracting u just need to hear the sounds of heaven and go deep into prayer.


Refreshing Music

There is something so refreshing about this music. I felt a calm release in my spirit when I listen to it. As if God is gently beckoning me about the place I once was and bringing me into a place of healing and newness in life for the first time ever!


Higher in God

This instrumental music will cause you to go higher in God and enrich your spiritual life in the knowledge of Christ.

Mr. T Pace

A Must Listen!

With a wide range of taste in music, I’m usually the one who is the critic and hardly give a good word to an album. This instrumental music is a must listen, whether studying God’s Word or in deep soaking prayer. This is just so rich goodness!


Beyond What I Knew I Needed!

I found that sometimes soaking music that had spoken prayers or lyrics within it would became a distraction from hearing God’s voice. I was looking for something instrumental and quiet. This instrumental music is beyond what I even knew I needed. Each soothing melody flows into the next, so I can stay in the spirit and not be startled by a break in songs or disturbed by loud crescendo. Even the melodies aren’t so much tunes as flowing music and sounds, so I don’t find myself humming along with them. Even when they become familiar. recommend this, especially for the easily-distracted seeker.


Sense the Presence of God

Excellent Soaking Music. You can sense the presence of God as John ministers to the Lord. You will enjoy all of John Belts work.


Children Relax and Have Peace

I use your instrumental music in Childrens Hospital. I work on the floor where we test for cancer, these tests are often long and uncomfortable. The children we work with are fretful or scared more often or not.This music helps these children relax and have the peace they need to face what they are going through.


No More Bad Dreams!

When you play that music (Baby Oil Instrumental), I can sleep and I don’t have bad dreams anymore. Anne age 4 (abandoned by her mother, as told to her daycare provider.)
You were right! This music is wonderful but now I have to buy another copy for my granddaughter this one is mine !

Marlene a grandma from Michigan

Baby Stops Screaming

As soon as I play Baby Oil in my car, the baby stops screaming, I wouldn’t have believed it! It makes me feel better in traffic too.

Patty from Pennsylvania

Love This

I just love this Baby Oil music besides I am still a kid at heart!


Use in My Daycare

I have used this music in my daycare. The first thing I noticed was that the babies who had been fussy at nap, would change for the better instantly. I then tried it in the play area and it caused a positive change in the overall temperament. Parents would even come in to pick up their children and ask where to buy it. It is amazing that something seemingly so simple can change so much!


Made Me Sleep!

I put this instrumental music on and thought it might make it hard for me to sleep even if it did help our little ones to sleep. I was surprised, it made me sleep because my mind stopped going over all I have to do!


Used in the Post Office – People Asking About It

I’ve been playing Baby Oil in the Post Office for atmosphere because I work there. As you know, people get antsy waiting for their turn in line to mail their stuff. By the time people get to me, many of them ask me where the music comes from! I also have friends using it in hospitals.

Mary, Postal Worker

Encouragement & Strength

Prophetic Warrior gives me encouragement and strength while I feel the peace of the presence this music carries. One of my favorite playlists to actually use for my workout classes. It has this calming effect while releasing stress and facilitating an intense connection in the spirit.

Leah S.


Prophetic Warrior is Powerful!


Heavenly Encounters

The Oil of Heaven is one of my all time favorite soaking CD’s from John. I have been taken into multiple Heavenly encounters while soaking to this CD. Many times I just put it on to relax and end up in Heaven somewhere. I highly recommend this album!!


Thank You

May we all hear His voice, and open the door. Thank You John for
using your voice and gifts to remind us of His! 


Nonstop in the House!

Thank you so much for the Overcomers CD. I have been playing it nonstop in the house ever since Michelle gave it to me. Day and night it is playing and changing the atmosphere of my house. I’ve told Michelle we need to create our own blend of oil, when we do I’ll have her send some to you. Love your music! Thank you so much! Blessings


Musical Synergy

With a musical synergy that joins the sounds of heaven in earthen vessels, John Belt and Jeff Jansen have creatively joined their talents together in The Eye of God. Whether you delight in His soothing presence or desire a raw impartation from the Lion that roars. This CD will draw you into a greater awareness of God in His manifest Presence!

James W. Goll

Encounter the Living Jesus!

The Eye of God is one of those CD’s that will really help you enter into the presence of God. This CD is not just another typical music CD, it’s a prophetic journey and it’s designed to help you encounter the living Jesus! Sit back, relax and listen as you are taken on a Journey into the Eye of God! 

Ryan Wyatt


Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE the new Overcomers music!! I have both Instrumental & with voice. It is AWESOME!!! It is very powerful and very anointed.

Janet McIlroy from Neptune Beach, FL United States

Comforting my Clients

I am a nurse, childbirth educator and doula and am always looking for music that will be soothing, healing and comforting to my clients. I especially want music that is inspired by the Holy Spirit. I’ll be using this during the class relaxation exercises and will be looking forward to playing this music at my next birth. Thank you for producing such beautiful music!

Open Sky Reviewer: Paula Wilson from Goose Creek, SC United States

Enjoy God’s Presence!

Wow, all I can say is Wow! this one touches my whole being. It is great to have music that you can just lay there and enjoy God’s presence. I know, because some music can’t take you all they way in and this one does for me, Just WOW. May God keep blessing John Belt in his gift. 

Open Sky Reviewer: Nathan G.

Great for Meditation

Great background music while reading scripture and resting in Father’s presence! Very soothing, relaxing and quieting from a busy and hectic lifestyle.

(Absolute Peace Instrumental) R. B. Waterson June 3, 2013

Five Stars

Beautiful and very peaceful!

(Absolute Peace Instrumental) By Victoriouson

Five Stars

Wonderful peaceful music.

(Absolute Peace Instrumental) Littleon

Awesome Recording

It helps one concentrate on the Lord. It is very Spirit filled. Talented artists, as other stuff I bought. I would recommend to anybody.

(Absolute Peace Instrumental) By Cherie Kessleron

Open Heaven!

John thanks so much for the Soaking H20 Live Saturation Sessions cd!! I?m truly an open portal under a open heaven!


Simply Wonderful

A friend gave me the cd “The Portals of Heaven” and I love it! Each time I listen to it I am in His presence and so much revelation comes forth, prayer increases I cannot put it into words that would describe how awesome it is. I am blessed beyond measure, thanks so very much for this project! I have been listening to “The Soaking Volume II” almost daily in my quiet time.

Review for “The Portals of Heaven Instrumental”

Isn’t the Lord so Awesome!

A woman in Hawaii that is a teacher in the public schools teaches 1st grade and her students get a little unruly. She took Portals of Heaven and played it in the class room for almost 4 hrs. She said her children began settling down and being quiet and calm. She said after that they begin drawing and they were drawing pictures of angels without any prompting as to what to draw. The really amazing thing she said was the fact that her children are unbelievers and believers. Isn’t the LORD so awesome to touch them like that. I thought you might enjoy how the LORD is using the music that HE and you made.

Review for “The Portals of Heaven Instrumental”


I love these new Overcomer C.D.s, they are so anointed! The music fits the messages to each Church so well. My favorite is Laodicea, as it is, I feel, such a word to the American Church at large in this hour.

Review for “Overcomers Voice and Instrumental”

Perfect for Soaking

LOVE this Open Sky Instrumental, it is so soothing and calming! Perfect for soaking or while reading inspirational materials.

Review for “Open Sky Instrumental”

Beautiful Collection

A beautiful collection of instrumentals that allow soaking without the distraction of someone else’s words to pull the mind away from focus on the Father. It sets a perfect background to times of personal prayer and meditation.

General Review of All Albums

Angelic Dreams

I had a little foster boy over last summer and played the Oil of Heaven every night to put him to sleep and calm him… it worked! He would dream of angels and of gold!!!!

Review for “The Oil of Heaven Instrumental”

All Kids Drew Angels

Played “The Portals of Heaven Instrumental” in my kids class that I teach. All of the kids drew angels!

Review for “The Portals of Heaven Instrumental”

Peace and Tranquility

I’m getting a lot from the Overcomer CD, like peace and tranquility which I’m in desperate need of. The music is great and flows with the scriptures. I’m getting a lot too from the way you sing the words, with so much intensity and feelings behind them, like the words My Father and the way you pronounce God’s name, I find that you do it with such revere and respect. Wow!

Review for “Overcomers “To Him Who Overcomes!”

Never Turn the Music Off!

Just got the new Open Sky mp3s really like it. lets see if it can play more then some of your other ones i got. One of them has played over 600 times on my computer. lol I never turn the music off !!!

Review for “Open Sky Instrumental”

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