The Ancient Pillars: The Pillar of Righteousness

John Belt

The Ancient Pillars

I had a vision where I was standing before 4 ancient pillars.  These pillars were comprised of righteousnesswisdomhumility and grace.These pillars had the look of ancient trees that were beautiful in glory and appearance.  You could see what looked like a mist of glory covering them.  It was very much like finding a hidden treasure that was in an ancient glory covering of God Presence.  Righteousness was the first tree or pillar that was represented. In this post I’m just sharing on the “Pillar of Righteousness”. Please use the links above to navigate to the other sections.

The Pillar of Righteousness

Psalms 89:14
“Righteousness and justice are the foundation of Your throne; Mercy and truth go before Your face.”

Slaying the Sacred Cows 
When we speak of pillars, we speak of supports.  A pillar is something that has great substance and strength.  Because of this, the pillar is used to bring support, help and strength.  Righteousness means to walk in what is right, to do the “right” things.  To do what is right is not the same as doing what looks good.  The Lord is looking for the righteousness that is revealed inside out.  Sometimes the Lord will ask us to do things that don’t really “look good” from the spectator’s standpoint.  For instance, when Jesus healed on the Sabbath He was purposely going against of what was acceptable in the eyes of men in that day. When He rebuked the religious leaders calling them hypocrites – that might not have come off too popular either. There are many sacred cows that people hold dearly as “the way” things must be done.  The good news is that God does not fit in this box.  He is about His business, not the business of what is religiously accepted.

Getting a Broader View
What God does offends those who have a “small town” mindset because He sees the entire world.  When you follow the Lord people will be offended because of their false expectations.   The religious leaders in Jesus day wanted a Messiah that would do what they wanted and expected.  The reason they crucified Jesus was because He would not yield to their presumption and control.  He went cross-grain against what they wanted.  Jesus told us that we have a cross to take up.  A big part of this cross is being willing to follow God in such a way that some enemies are discovered in the process.

Luke 6:26 
“Woe to you when all men speak well of you, For so did their fathers to the false prophets.”

Righteousness is an ancient pillar that is the very foundation of God’s throne.   It has nothing to do with our mere actions or self-righteousness, rather actions that are flow out of our devotion to Him.

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    • Thanks for the question Chinwendu! Pillars represent “strength” – something that can support structure and endure. In this context “ancient pillars” would be those biblical attributes that support a strong lives “spiritually”. (i.e. righteousness, wisdom, humility and grace.) These are attributes that stand the test of time causing us to flourish as we walk in a living relationship with Jesus by His Spirit.

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