The Secret to Experiencing God's Presence by John Belt

John Belt

We are so excited about this long awaited new book “The Secret to Experiencing God’s Presence”! It has been a journey to see this book come to fruition. I believe you will find it a powerful resource to help and encourage you in your walk with God. In this book you will find keys that will help unlock God’s Presence in your life, even in ways you may?not expect!?(Published by Chosen Books/Baker Book House)

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?In his book, The Secret to Experiencing God?s Presence, John Belt teaches you from scripture and his own life experience how to live a life saturated with God?s presence. Everything in life flows out of God?s glory. When you learn how to cultivate a lifestyle of being tangibly saturated with the Holy Spirit, all the limits come off of you. You are filled with righteousness, peace, joy and power! You can experience God?s presence on a daily basis and this book will empower you to do that. I love what John teaches about experiencing God out of the overflow of His goodness. When you know God loves you unconditionally there is no fear and you can receive all He has for you. I know this book will be a great blessing in your life as you pursue and experience God?s presence in a new way.?
Matt Sorger
Matt Sorger Ministries

?Every Christian should thirst for the manifest presence of God. Jesus is the victor, the Savior, the deliverer, the light, the life, the way and the bread and water of life that we all need. His presence in our lives ensures that we will have access to everything. Many stumble trying to gain the blessings of God without His presence. John Belt has provided believers with a guide that is simple, practical and insightful to help us all. The Secret to Experiencing God?s Presence will provide you with a heartfelt, panoramic view of Christian living. Study this book and learn to walk in the reality of God?s presence every day!?
Joan Hunter, Author and Evangelist
Joan Hunter Ministries

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