Types of Soaking Music

John Belt

There are basically two types of soaking music, worship and instrumental.  Soaking music is really about receiving and being saturated with God’s Presence.  When we worship we are receiving from the Lord, but there is a place where we are simply receiving in a rested place.  In this place God is doing the work as we rest in His Presence.

1. Soaking Instrumental Music

This as well is done under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit helping you experience God’s Presence.  Here it creates a simple back drop without words allowing you to pray, worship and study as you desire.

2. Soaking Worship Music

This is music that is typically created spontaneously, but not always.   The hallmark of soaking worship is that it  uses words helping you connect with the Holy Spirit.

Some Examples of this would be:

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Soaking in the Presence of God

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