Using Soaking Music to Engage Your Heart with God

John Belt
A Busy World

We live in a very busy world. ?Sometimes it can be just overwhelming with everything that you need to do, the list and etc. ?Vacations are a very popular thing because people need a way to getaway. ?God has His own kind of vacation. You are never too spiritual for a vacation. Just admit it? you need one!? You need one everyday!

It is nice when you can hit the beach or go to the mountains but that can really only do so much. The Presence of God brings us the refreshing that only heaven can give. You can run all around the world trying to getaway but you will not get far enough. Why? Only heaven has a certain substance called ?peace?.

God Has Provided the Best

People pretend to have everything together, as they find their identity in what they have and do, when they don’t. God does not want you to ?pretend? to have everything together because He has provided the best for you.? You don?t have to go anywhere, own everything or try to find your identity in positions. Instead you can yield your heart to God and let Him fill it. He is your Source of satisfaction, His Spirit fills you with His love, joy and peace. There is nothing more satisfying than the Presence of God in your life.

Create An Atmosphere for His Presence

God wants you to experience this reality. What I?ve found in my own walk with God is that anointed worshipful music, especially instrumental music, helps me to quiet my soul – effectively silencing the noise of life. Not only that, through soaking instrumental music I connect with God much quicker many times than without it. Anointed sound has a way of clearing the atmosphere and making way for His Presence. We live in a day where we are able to capture that anointed sound then revisit that place with God. I want to encourage you today to try some of these soaking instrumental music albums. These have been created specifically to help people experience God?s Presence on a daily basis. These albums have no breaks in the music so that you experience a non-stop flow in your worship, prayer and study times.

God is good. His greatest desire is to be with you through your days. It is the most important thing to Him. He stands at the door and knocks. All we have to do is open up, let Him in and experience the amazing contentment that only He can provide in His Presence.
Soaking in the Presence of God

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  1. this is so true John. I try to do this on a daily basis and it truly does help what a great post.

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