Waiting in His Presence

John Belt

We need to learn to wait in His Presence. There is nothing better we can do than spend time in the Presence of God. ? God is more than willing to let us experience His goodness. ? His goodness and the glory of His Presence go together. ?You cannot experience one without the other. ?Where would we be without the love of God. ?We experience His grace as we spend time in His manifested Presence. Knowing His goodness and grace enables us to be overcomers in this life.
Proverbs 8:34?
“Blessed is the man who listens to me, Watching daily at my gates, Waiting at the posts of my doors.”
God is completely into your atmosphere. ?He wants to come and remove all the oppressive elements that steal your joy, peace and confidence. ? When Jesus comes in the room He lifts us up, He does not tear us down. ?He is completely encouraging, forgiving, lifting us up as His very own. ? This is why we like to be in His Presence so much. ?We can trust that He has only the best for us.
As we wait in His Presence we need to realize that He is the most important person in our lives. ?He is worth the wait. ?Try taking some time today to have no other agenda than just to enjoy God. ?God is not looking for the list of all the things that we want or need. ?We need to make sure that we are learning just to enjoy being with Him. ?Just as you would not want to be around anyone who is constantly nagging you all the time, it is the same with God. ?It is not that He does not want us to ask. He does. ?At the same time we need to learn to simply enjoy being with Him.

Waiting in His Presence


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