What is Soaking Music?

John Belt

I. The Roots of Soaking Music

What is soaking music?  If you want to really get at the roots of where it came from you need to go all the way back to King David when he was worshipping God in the field with his harp.  Can you imagine?  The world at that time was inconceivably simple compared to the time that we live in now.  No skyscrapers, cars, not much noise to be heard, no cells phones, no internet, none of the things that we value as being so important in our modern day.  It was in this paradise of scenic proportions that David found the Lord and the Lord found David.

II. Getting Away From It All

All he had was the sound of nature doing it’s thing accompanied by the music he played on his instrument.  It was ultra peaceful.  Everything they did in those days was typically outdoors, even their indoors would feel like outdoors to us.  No A/C, no heat.  David learned the quiet and stillness that only getting alone with God could provide.  He learned how to enjoy being in the Presence of God.  That is why he wrote, “Better in one day in Your courts than a thousand elsewhere…”

Psalms 84:9-10
“O God, behold our shield, And look upon the face of Your anointed. For a day in Your courts is better than a thousand. I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God Than dwell in the tents of wickedness.” 

III. How Far Back?

Who really knows when it started.  Maybe with David, maybe with Abraham.  Who knows, maybe it even started with Adam. He definitely was covered with God’s glory and Presence before the fall.   Scripture says when Seth was born men started calling on the name of the Lord. That is a good thing.  One thing we do know is that soaking in God’s Presence is very important to the life of anyone who names the name of Christ.  Why?  It is all about intimacy with God, spending time with Him.  It is about learning to be still in His Presence to absorb the love of His Spirit into our hearts.  As we know soaking music today it is a way of using music to ride into God’s Presence more easily.  The music is a tool to help our hearts get on God’s wavelength.   It is not that we have to have the music, but it does aid us at times as a spring board helping us connect to the reality of His Presence.

Soaking Music is the sound of heaven that connects us to the very person of God.  Heaven is filled with worship, sound and amazement.  The goal of soaking music is to help us come into a greater encounter with God. Maybe it is only 5 or 10 minutes, but take some time to get away from it all today and rest in His Presence.  Your day WILL be better having been with Him!

Learning to live in the Presence of God is essential to our lives.  “The Secret to Experience God’s Presence” is a new book by John Belt to help you do just that – There is no place like His place!


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Soaking in the Presence of God

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