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You Are Created
to Live in the Reality
of God’s Presence!

From the beginning we were created to live in the reality of the Presence of God. Learn to live as a place where God dwells. Just as Jesus lived as a man inhabited by the Holy Spirit so are you! Learn to walk in the garden with God as it was in Eden. Discover keys to help you walk in the fullness of His Presence today.

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School of the Spirit
with John Belt

Join us for School of the Spirit beginning September 1st! This will be a powerful time of teaching that shows how the Holy Spirit is a essential throughout the Bible. Register Today!

by John Belt

We are now entering into a fresh wind of revival where God is marking His people to be instruments of His glory. The trumpet is being sounded clearly and without mixture as God is breaking through into His church with mercy, grace and awakening – to usher in a new move of His power, glory, and presence! Hear the sound of His trumpet and see the activity of heaven being released before your eyes.

Atmospheric River
by John Belt

Enjoy this new soaking instrumental that will help you connect with God’s Presence! God has His own atmospheric river that is flooding the earth with His glory!


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Soaking Music Testimonies

Beyond What I Knew I Needed!
I found that sometimes soaking music that had spoken prayers or lyrics within it would became a distraction from hearing God’s voice. I was looking for something instrumental and quiet. This instrumental music is beyond what I even knew I needed. Each soothing melody flows into the next, so I can stay in the spirit and not be startled by a break in songs or disturbed by loud crescendo. Even the melodies aren’t so much tunes as flowing music and sounds, so I don’t find myself humming along with them. Even when they become familiar. recommend this, especially for the easily-distracted seeker.


For My Massage Practice
This is the perfect music for my massage practice. I’ve wanted exactly what this artist accomplishes in regards to relaxing the mind. The music is a blessing to my business. Thank you so much!


The Secret to Experiencing
God’s Presence

Learn how to encounter God’s Presence consistently in your life! God has created us to experience His Presence on a daily basis as we have been made for this most intimate of relationships. He longs for it more than we do! (Free Shipping on All U.S. Orders!)

Secrets are meant to be discovered by those hungry for life-changing insight. John Belt masterfully guides you to discovery in The Secret to Experiencing God’s Presence. It is a unique blend of uncovering the deepest mysteries interwoven with the most practical application. His path is biblical, his book profound and his prophetic insight transforming.

– Clarice Fluitt