Experiencing God's Presence is what makes us fulfilled and complete as all of us have been created to live in this reality.

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You Are Created For This!

God wants you to have an encounter with Him, to know Him and experience Him. He has not created you for religion but for relationship through Jesus. By His Spirit you have the ability to know Him in the most tangible and powerful way. My desire is to help you have that experience with God that is real, consistent and continual.

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Wherever you find yourself in life, we want to be a place you can receive the support you need to set your focus on Jesus, your passion on God’s presence and experience His miraculous power!

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Nothing is more powerful than having life changing encounters with God. One of my passions is creating resources that have the ability to help you in your walk with God and change the landscape of your life.  Find music that will create an atmosphere for God’s Presence, writings that will help guide you in your journey with the Lord and sign up for inspirational recent writings and ministry updates.


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If you haven’t already discovered – God wants you to have a life-changing encounter with Him. Just like you would have a relationship with anyone else, God wants a living, vibrant and powerful relationship with you. The biggest difference is GOD is the most amazing Person to have in your life! The good news is He ONLY has good things in store and great plans for you!

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