Your Gift Changes Lives

Dear Friends,

When I first began to step out in what God was calling me to a big part of that was creating soaking albums to facilitate an environment for the Presence of God for prayer and communion with His Spirit – just to spend more time with Him. 
That is still my motivation on the music end – that all would enter into life-changing encounters with God.  You can be talked out of head knowledge but not an encounter with God!

Since that time we, Brandi and myself, are looking at things on a totally different level in regards to how we can make an impact.  On the horizon we have a church starting here in OKC, crusades in different parts of the world as continuing to spread the sound of heaven through worship media – and there is much more! There is so much that we are on the edge of seeing happen that it is truly mind-blowing.

Don’t you want God to blow your mind and throw you into another level of His plan to cover this earth?  I most definitely do – and I know you share that desire.

When you support Revive Ministries through placing an order, making a donation or becoming a monthly partner you are helping to fulfill God’s plans to see His glory flood this planet!

We are excited for what He has in store for 2020!   We are entering into a time of HARVEST like we’ve never encountered.Itis His glory that is bringing the harvest, the change and transformation of people, cities and nations!

Would you be a monthly partner with us?  Jump into the blessings of God with us as we venture into another level of His glory together.

Every gift is much appreciated and God will multiply it back to you in ways that you cannot imagine!  

In God’s Love & Blessings,

John B.


Belt Ministries partners with organizations that are serving around the world. We tithe and send offerings to help ministries taking God’s presence and power to the darkest places.

International Crusades
Take the miraculous power of God’s presence to the nations through crusades, outreaches, and itinerant ministry.

Media Outreach
Equip, mentor, train and empower God’s people to walk in the fullness of His glory and power in everyday life and all spheres of society.

Poverty Eradication
Overcome poverty in third-world nations through feeding programs, education sponsorship, and micro-business creation.

Mission Trips
An opportunity to be activated in your unique giftings, take new steps of faith, and gain lifelong friends. These trips are an adventure of a lifetime.

Electronic giving is secure, quick and easy.

One-time gifts are simple to set up using a debit or credit card, or from a bank account.

Recurring gifts can be set up on a schedule that works for you, and provide flexibility to track and manage your giving. We discourage the use of credit cards if you will incur debt in the process.

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For questions or help with your financial giving, please email us at or call us at (405) 345-1110.

Your contribution is tax deductible as allowed by law in the United States. Belt Ministries is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and reserves the right to direct funds to various areas of need.